The Modern Mowgli is a non-profit initiative by a twenty one year old to look after the strays in Faridabad and Delhi. Away from the frenzy of superficial animal love, the limelight of petting popular breeds and straying them after they age, we nurture lives equally important as ours. TMM takes care of all those left ignored, including the underrated breeds, physically weak or aged.

We feed, vaccinate, sterilize, and help others ADOPT Indian dogs to get them the attention they rightfully deserve.
We take part in rescue missions and assure the abandoned pedigrees a better future where they only saw a dark abyss. CONTACT US to tell about any stray in need of help, any queries or give your valued feedback.

We do support young Mowglis who wish to do the same and encourage others to come forward and join us and BE A MOWGLI.

You can DONATE to help us. We accept things that'll help us serve our kids better or stray sponsorships.

If you can then you may SPONSOR A KID where you don’t have to take them home but can support their life. You can even SPONSOR STERILISATION.