When I hear of dogs reuniting with their owners, I think its a far fetched idea and never thought it would happen to us.
And not once but twice.
Two of my dogs had gone missing yesterday. One, Bhavna/Janice, is looked after by my sister and the other is my Olaf that I feed everyday.
After getting back from my vet visits, Id spent an hour and a half just travelling through narrow roads of Lajpat Nagar shouting “Olaf Ola Jackie”. Half of the passerbys presumed me to be some lunatic. I had little to no faith of her coming back to us. I contacted few communicators but they were all out of town. It was such awful timing.
Except it wasn’t.
After two days of rigorous searching, a scared Olaf came out and ran towards us. Im thinking of calling her Usain Bolt given her speed. We picked her up and brought her back. The chef at Southy burnt his dosa, the guard misplaced his laathi and the tailor called his family and they all cried her a river. It was evident that they all missed her and enjoyed having her around.

Olaf will no longer stay on the road but inside their home. I just have to help them with her vaccines and thats all. She wont have to face the brunt of the cold or the scorching heat.
The other dog, Bhavna, fed by my sister who has goldfish memory forgot to inform me that Bhavna is skipping her meals. I am on a group with a guy who saw me looking for Olaf and asked me if I have seen this dog who seems misplaced and is being attacked by other dogs.
Yup, I knew that dog! She belonged to my gang!
The catch here is that he informed me at 1 am. I knew if I wait till the sun shines, Janice will go away. I sneaked out of my house to rescue her. I came back around quarter to 2 am but I got paid back in hugs and kisses so I think it was worth all the risk.
I try to keep this page as formal as I possibly can but I cant help myself from sharing these small victories with you all. 😂

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