It's okay if you can't have a pet home or completely sponsor a kid. You can donate for the welfare of animals. Other than our love and hugs our babies need food, coats, treats, vaccines, sterilisation and health supplements.

Why donate to TMM?

The Modern Mowgli follows a transparent policy and we always send reports to our supporters. Our aim is animals before us and so you can trust us. We accept dog supplies in good condition, and even financial support.

Buying from links on our website gives double the joy! How? You don't spend any extra but we get some commission and that goes for our kids! So while you shop for your dog another one gets some help too!

What can I donate?

You can donate anything from the list of products given below, give away spare medicines well within their expiry or send money using the form.

Things our kids need:

  1. Dog Food
  1. Cat Food
  1. Leash and collar
  1. Treats & accessories

5. Bones for dogs

6. Beds for dogs

7. Medicines

  • Carodyl/Caprofen                 -Vizilac
  • Nutrolin B                               - Anima Strath
  • Calcium supplements           - Ivermectin injection
  • Ivermectin tablets                 - Liv 52
  • Betadine                                  - Cotton rolls
  • Gauze                                       - Negasunt
  • Himax                                      - Topicure spray

Donation Guidelines

Make sure the goods are fresh and unused. Medicines must be way before their expiry dates. Once you have made your mind or are ready with the spare goods you can use contact us form to inform and ask us about the address for sending them.

I want to donate money.

Send us the screenshot of your paytm transaction