My beautiful Tofu who was the runt of the litter faced a lot of disadvantages in life. She was rejected by her mother when she was weeks old and I had to raise her.

Soon she became stronger and better and wouldnt come last in races anymore. She was making progress and I could see it.
Few weeks ago, one of the guards hit her with a lathi. Tofu’s frail body couldn’t take it and it led to the formation of a haematoma.
I got her operated on and she was doing fine until Saturday when she was bullied by the older dogs of the area. They bit her on the same site where once haematoma used to be.
Tofu suffered a major blow to her vertebral coloumn and Im thanking god for saving her spine else Id be left with no option but to free her from this pain.

She was laying and howling in pain, explaining to the passerbys her story but it all fell upon deaf ears. I don’t understand why humans stay lax towards sick and tortured animals.
Tofu remained thirsty and hungry for over forty eight hours. She had no one come to help her except a bunch of kids who just put Betadine on her.
My college reopened on Monday. Seeing her in this state, my heart broke into ten thousand smithereens. I thought she was dead but then her tiny tail moved a milimetre when I called her name out.

Dr Rana has told us thats its not a nerve injury and no vertebra has been broken. Due to repeated trauma on the same site, a nerve has gotten suppressed under the inflamed tissue. She has lost sensation in her hind legs and has no control over her bowel movements but she will make complete progress as the inflammation subsides. She is unfit to be released as all her movements have to be restrained for a month. It will take a month for Tofu to heal and healing her will cost us a bomb.

Spinal cases ask for lots of vet visits, timely medications and intensive care. We have bought her a cage and she will be spending her days with my friend till she is well to be re homed.

This is how much I have spent on her in a day:
13/11/17 Treatment : ₹1000
Medicines : ₹250
14/11/17 Treatment : ₹500
Cage : ₹2200
Total: 3950₹ spent in 24 hours.
I have attached pictures of the the bills.

Now that she is under our care and I will have to give her a more dignified name and a name that suits her disposition. From this point onwards, she will be called Mehar. Mehar translates to love in Persian and Blessing and Grace in Punjabi. My little Mehar means all of this to me.

Please pray for Mehr!

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