SHERU: The 3rd Parvo survivor.

And I present to the world, my THIRD Parvo survivor. ☺️☺️

S H E R U ❤️

SHERU: The 3rd Parvo survivor.
SHERU: The 3rd Parvo survivor.

It has TRULY been a stressful period of two weeks for me. Taking Sheru in the evening, trying to work something out for Cheeni and April and managing work and studies.

I dont think I can keep doing it forever. Its frustrating how people are so retarded and backward. Both of them are pieces of my heart and to see them suffering like this breaks me down. My posts have a reach of 20,000 people. Not even one found it in their heart to adopt Cheeni or April?

Lets just hope January was a trial period and this year has better to give me. Else I will have to adopt the method of rescue and release like the wise have always told me. 😞

Anyway, here’s a cute picture of Sheru. He is thankful to everyone who donated and helped make his treatment possible! We’d be nowhere without your undying support and love. We are filled with gratitude and request you to keep sharing Cheeni and April’s post with more people. 🙏🏻

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