What is sponsoring a kid through TMM?

Adopting a pet doesn't come without responsibilities. If you don't have time, space or resources to have a pet all the time at home, you can sponsor one. All you have to do it send your help monthly and we'll take care of your kid.
You can even sponsor a dog for a friend and join to raise a life just like a guardian.

Why sponsor a pet through TMM?

We are a non profit organisation and seek no financial benefits for ourselves. Whatever you send will go to animals and you'll get a record of each penny.

What are the pros of sponsoring at TMM?

We give you regular updates and go the extra mile from our side too, to give your pet kid all it needs.

TMM sponsorship pros

- Regular updates of kid
- Photos and videos of the sponsored pet
- Record of money spent
- Allow meeting sponsored pets

How to sponsor a TMM kid?

Go through the gallery of our rescues and shelter inhabitant kids. Read more about the one who pleases you the most. Fill the sponsorship form to create your account and sponsor. You can use the details to keep sponsoring kids. It is that easy.