Sponsor Sterilisation

The reason why animals are suffering so much is because their population is no evenly distributed. Sterilisation helps do the necessary. You can sponsor sterilisation of an animal and save generations of animals being tortured.

How does TMM carry out sterilisation?

The process of desexing a young female or male dog is sterilisation. We participate actively in sterilisation camps. During the oestrus period it is one of our main concerns. The Modern Mowgli saves strays from dying due to bleeding after giving birth or meeting nutrition lags.
We don't perform sterilisation and instead reach out to professional vets for the process.

Why sponsor sterilisation at TMM?

Sterilisation saves animals from dying on roads. It reduces their violent behaviour and also stops menses troubles. Other than that it will reduce risk of few diseases. We will send you pictures of sterilised dog and bill receipt of from the vet.

How much does sterilisation of a stray cost?

A spay procedure for female dog requiring removal of ovaries or a male dog's neuter procedure costs around 850 – 2500 rupees.

I would like to sponsor a sterilisation.