When you think of Cheeni, think of a puppy whose life has never been easy.

Imagine a puppy who had to be hand raised by me as his mother simply denied feeding him. Imagine the feeling of having a mother yet feeling like an orphan.

Imagine a puppy who was always falling sick. Sometimes, I thought he does it purposefully so that he can enjoy the comforts of home.

Imagine a puppy who got run over and with his femur broken into two, he tried to drag himself across the ground to a safer spot so that he could save what is left of him.

Imagine a puppy who got attacked by an older dog with his jaw tightly locked around his neck, his canines piercing into Cheeni’s veins and trying to tear Cheeni’s lungs apart.

Imagine the car ride home. Imagine my state, the girl who freaks out when her puppy catches cold and always jumps to death. Imagine Cheeni’s pain. Imagine it stung everywhere I touched him. Imagine being bullied and picked on. Imagine being this close to your death and accepting it almost. Imagine seeing yourself deteriorating as easily as the sand slips from your hand.

Now imagine a puppy who has forgiven everyone. Imagine a puppy who has forgiven the drivers for killing his sister. Imagine a puppy whose heart is as enormous as the ocean and constantly entrances me with everything he does. Imagine a dog jumping across the room like a baby goat just to get your attention. Imagine a puppy with whom the weight of the world seems like a feather.
Imagine being by the shady shores of a beach with this dog or sitting amidst the green grasses of an open field. Imagine a puppy who is the gentlest and softest being in the entire world and imagine how lucky YOU would be to have him.

I have turned your imagination into reality. Yet you say, you do not want this puppy?
To take him home, mail me at anoushkamehta19@gmail.com

(Im sorry I couldn’t release Cheeni. Judge me all that you want but I never play by the rules of the game. I didnt want Cheeni to spiral around this bullshit anymore.)

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