They had one leg in grave but we brought them back. They could have easily become those puppies who just die in uncertain circumstances and nobody gives two shits because everybody wants a month old Labrador that comes from a breeder and a tortured mother.

They were starved, severely dehydrated, fighting terrible diseases and unloved. I remember the first time I pet Nicole, she squealed in horror. She was terrified of what would follow next.

Today she has started to trust humans and gives the warmest of hugs. Nicholas on the other hand wouldn’t have died of tick fever or distemper but in a car crash. He was so slow and lethargic. One car was all it took for him to die a painful and miserable death. My kids survived the roads, Distemper virus and Babesia Gibsoni. We were just as stubborn as them and not willing to let go.

Even though their distemper and tick treatment dug holes in our pockets, we still managed to find the courage to put them in a paid boarding in Vikas Puri. We granted them a new life and kind of wanted for it to not suck.

Every night I go to bed hoping that the next day, Ill receive this email that will revive my hopes of them finding a home.
Everyday I wake up disappointed as ever and questioning myself why I saved them?

Two puppies less and your lives would have carried on. Two less mouths to feed. Two puppies less to take care of. Two puppies less to worry about. Id save myself time, efforts, energy and money. Two puppies less and the earth wouldn’t stop rotating.

We couldn’t let them be. We just couldn’t.

These two emaciated puppies made no difference to the world but they meant the world to us. Nicole’s hugs and faith in me and Nicholas’ eyes is all it took for me to break my oath and rehabilitate two more kids.

They have been on adoption for a month now and in these four weeks, I haven’t received ONE SINGLE MAIL. Not even an enquiry asking who is who. Not even a person willing to foster them.

I don’t understand what will become of my two kids if they don’t find a home. I know there are many others like Nicole and Nicholas who have perhaps waited longer than them.

Please be kinder and open your hearts and homes to indies. You don’t know what you’re missing out on.

Mail me at if you are willing to make either Nicole or Nicholas a part of your life.

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